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Episode 065: The 2023 Gratitude Episode

Episode 065: The 2023 Gratitude Episode

Each November, we dedicate an episode of the Orioles In-The-Know podcast to one simple question, “What are you grateful for?” The last couple years, we’ve heard from Avon students. This year we decided to shake things up a bit. During the e-learning day earlier this month, we traveled to River Birch Elementary, Avon Intermediate School West, Avon Middle School North, and Avon High School and spoke to teachers, administrators, and support staff. They were excited to tell us about some of the things they’re grateful for. Listen closely and you’ll hear things that will make you even more grateful for them: their passion for their students, the togetherness and teamwork that they experience among their peers, the support they receive from Avon families and the community, and much more.

We hope that you’ll join us in sharing  in gratitude for them and for everything they do to help Avon Schools continue to be a place where all belong, learn, and grow.

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