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Episode 54: Real Talk about Students and Substance Abuse

Episode 54: Real Talk about Students and Substance Abuse

The substance abuse epidemic isn't only happening somewhere else or on the evening news. It is affecting young people in our community.

In this extremely important episode, Willow Center Community Director Chase Cotten, Avon School Counseling and Mental Wellness Coordinator Krista Fay, and Avon School Police Department Chief Sam Leahy join Superintendent Dr. Scott Wyndham for a deep discussion with one objective: equipping caring adults to help young people who are at risk of being swept up in harmful habits or who are already affected.

Please listen to this episode and share it with others who can help. You'll learn more about the substances that are especially harmful to young people, why the teenage brain is so susceptible to addiction, the single most important factor in prevention, how to build and maintain safety and connection with your teen, and much more. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please contact a trusted adult, a teacher, or your school administrator. You can also contact Krista Fay, Sam Leahy, or Chase Cotten directly. Help is available.