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This Team Is Re-Imagining Kindergarten

This Team Is Re-Imagining Kindergarten

On July 31, Avon Schools is preparing to welcome approximately 700 kindergarten students to school for the first time. An influential group of educators and administrators are already hard at work re-imagining what the first eight days of these 700 students' time in kindergarten will entail.

A large team of educators and administrators is preparing experiences for students that will enable their educators to best support them as they enter Avon Schools. These students enter Avon with a wide variety of academic capabilities, social needs, and developmental levels. The goal is to help all students adjust to their kindergarten experience smoothly while getting to know individual students as well as possible. The efforts of this team will help educators meet students where they are and help them begin their educational journeys in Avon Schools on the right foot.

Re-envisioning the first eight days of kindergarten will enable kindergarten teams across all six of Avon's elementary schools to help all students belong, learn, and grow from the start.

A huge thanks to the team working on this project: 

Betsy Chambers Krista Fay Heather Gorgas
Tanya Havrilla Amy Hedges Marjan Hurd
Brianne Miller Leticia Moore Renee Moore
Shelley Moyers Melissa Pickens Charlsie Rader
Kacey Seaver Jenny Shayotovich Alexandra Smock
Amy Stalvey Brandy Steiner Melinda Stinnett

If you still need to register your child for kindergarten, you can begin the process on our New Students webpage

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