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Your April '24 ALL Stars

Your April '24 ALL Stars

Each month, you have the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In March, you nominated 54 individuals and your encouraging comments will be waiting for them when they return from .

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "Our daughter is thriving in her classroom and I know other students are as well. She is truly amazing at her job and deserves any sort of recognition she can receive."
  • "[She] is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. It's easy to just be around her. The students feel so welcomed and understood when they are with her. She comes into work with such a positive attitude and it reflects in everything she does."
  • "She creates learning opportunities in her classroom that her students will never forget."
  • "[He] is a wonderful teacher and communicator. He has patience for students that others dismiss. He brought together a group of kids with no experience and has developed them into a cohesive unit."
  • "He makes learning fun for all."
  • "She goes above and beyond every single day to make sure all students feel loved, safe, and happy!"
  • "She is constantly spreading positivity and lending a hand for those in need."

We are grateful for each of our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the May nominations to open. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

April '24 ALL Stars

Abby Hall, Maple Alli Coulter, Maple Allison Matthews, AIS East
Ally Pavot, Maple Andrea Brown, Maple Anna Jones, Maple
Annemarie Krawiec, AIS East Aubrey Spaeth, AHS Beth Tharp, AHS
Brianne Miller, Admin Center Cara Hoffar, Admin Center Cara Marion, Maple
Carissa Wooden, Maple Carolyn Realey, Admin Center Chris Ruebel, AIS West
Claire Goudie, AIS West Deb Swain-Bayless, Admin Center Debbie Marks, Hickory
Denise Smedley, River Birch Elizabeth Hicks, AMS North Elizabeth Stone, Maple
Elliott Doan, Avon Academy Emily Baker, Maple Emily Moscrip, White Oak ELC
Emma Havrilla, AIS West Jeff Leeke, Maple Jessica Rabedeau, AIS East
Jill Mirise, Maple John McCaffrey, AIS East Josh Cannon, AMS North
Julie Lucas, AMS South Kacey Seaver, Hickory Karen Foster, AMS North
Kasey Schroer, AMS South Kelly Weaver, White Oak ELC Kristen Ferrin, Cedar
Kristin Williams, Admin Center Laura Lee, AIS West Laurie Davies, Maple
Linda Langford, AHS Linda Levy, AIS West Liz Camacho, AIS West
Lori Collier, AIS East Margie Reed, AIS West Marissa Johnson, AIS West
Megan Lofgren, AIS West Melissa Zimmerman, AMS South Michele Coffman, River Birch
Ryan Burress, Hickory Scott Wyndham, Admin Center Suzanne Olsen, Sycamore
Tanya Havrilla, Hickory Tom Method, AIS East Tracy Teipen, AIS West