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Your October '23 ALL Stars

Your October '23 ALL Stars

Each month, you have the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In October, you nominated 41 individuals, and we have shared your encouraging comments with them.

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "She supports nearly 100 students to develop their speech and language abilities so they can be productive communicators in life."
  • "[He] is an asset to ALL students, staff, and community members. He is instrumental in helping our leadership team support some of our most challenging students. These challenges span from behavior to challenging dynamics within the home. It helps me feel safe as a leader knowing he will always be there when I need him."
  • "She goes above and beyond to communicate with students and their parents to help students grow academically in the classroom and offers suggestions and resources for their studies at home. In addition, she encourages and supports her students to participate in extra curricular activities and even comes to support them in those activities in her free time. She is a positive influence in her students' lives and has their complete well being at heart."
  • "He is very friendly and helpful when we met him at parent teacher night. I can imagine he is a very friendly and outgoing person who includes everyone in his classroom."
  • "From the 1st day of school, [she] created a learning environment for all of her students to thrive. She has high expectations of her students but is right there beside them to help them reach their goals and be successful."

We are grateful for our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the November nominations to open. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

October '23 ALL Stars

Alex Tarnowski, AMS South Allie Jones, River Birch Alyssa King, AIS East
Amanda Sheakoski, AHS Ann Bieber, Maple Ashley Porter, Sycamore
Bentley Oliver, AIS East Bonnie Hurst, Maple Brooke Bowling, Maintenance
Bryce Leach, AMS South Cari Yohe, White Oak Cheryl Dohrman, White Oak
Cindi Rauch, AIS West Cindy Maxwell, Maintenance Elizabeth Barnett, AMS North
Esther Wood, River Birch Heidi Felty, AHS Jacob Luellen, Cedar
Jennifer Wakefield, Tech Jodi Burton, River Birch Joel Powell, AHS
Josh Cox, Maintenance Kailyn Washington, White Oak Katie Tingle, White Oak
Kristin Prewitt, River Birch Kristy Keith, AHS Levi Hawk, AMS North
Mallory Hawkins, AHS Michael Parr, AMS South Michelle Coffman, River Birch
Richard Craig, ACSC PD Riley Herrin, Hickory Sara Randall, River Birch
Sara Sever, AHS Sarah Grant, River Birch Sarah O'Brien, AIS East
Stephanie Lukas, Maple Stephanie Stafford, Admin Susan Rassel, Sycamore
Taylor Vest, Cedar Tracy Ferrell, AHS