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We're Speaking Your Language

We're Speaking Your Language

Cutting-edge tech removes language barrier

There are more than 90 languages spoken in Avon students' homes, and one in every 10 students are multilingual learners. How do we ensure students get the support they need so they can keep pace academically and socially while utilizing a language that isn't their heart language? How do parents remain engaged and informed about what's happening at school when they don't speak English?

Avon Schools is using a collection of innovative, convenient, and accurate tools to remove the language barrier, ensuring all belong, learn, and grow.

Pocketalk is an award winning two-way translator. According to the product website, Pocketalk is able to translate 82 languages in real time. These pocket-sized devices are present in all schools, at front desks and in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and anywhere else they're needed to improve communication.

LanguageLine helps us serve members of our school community. With just a few simple steps, we are able to connect with interpreters who assist in the moment of need, improving communication, eliminating misunderstanding, and helping us work together for the best solutions possible.

Our website translation function enables users to translate our entire website into their language. It is as simple as clicking the 'translate' button at the top of each webpage. This service relies on help from Google Translate and was a priority when launching the new websites last summer.

In Avon, the fact that we speak dozens of different languages doesn't prevent us from cultivating genuine relationships or from helping students succeed. In fact, thanks to a small collection of helpful tools — and the people who use them — our multilingual learners and their families can belong, learn, and grow.

If you have questions about services for multilingual learners, visit the Multilingual Learners webpage and contact the team.